• lorraine_gailey

    Dan has an incredible talent for articulating positions and options clearly and concisely, both on paper and on-the-spot in meetings. His intuitive grasp of how to manage people gives him an unparalleled ability to facilitate discussion and diffuse conflict between individuals who hold radically opposing views, leading to both constructive discussion and consensus on common goals. He has used his insight into the political context to help the sector express its issues and priorities in such a way as to result in effective, productive dialogue and outcomes. He has made a massive contribution to building mutual respect within a sector that has been dogged with division and dissent for decades. He in turn has gained respect and admiration from individuals across all sections of the sector, for both for his professional insights and knowledge, and his impartiality in his role.

    Dr Lorraine Gailey
    Chief operating officer
    Hearing Link
  • jim_fitzpatrick

    It has been my pleasure to work with Dan in my capacity as Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Deafness, for which he has provided excellent administrative management. He clearly has an eye for detail, and his efficiency meant my colleagues and I were free to focus on the work at hand. More importantly, Dan provided us with valuable strategic support. The deafness and hearing loss sector is tackling a number of issues, and the Group was approached by many organisations. Dan helped us digest these topics with clear and concise briefings, and ultimately identify a thread on which to focus.

    Jim Fitzpatrick MP
    APPG on Deafness
  • stuart_edwards

    Dan has built some of the best third sector engagement with senior civil servants and other influential stakeholders I have seen. He has taken a constructive approach, respecting privileged information and working hard to find ways to progress issues in a manner that is credible and evidence based. As a result Dan has been a very effective representative of Signature and the UK Council on Deafness. By enjoying the confidence of civil servants has had widespread access to Ministers. He has played a leading role in shaping and refining policies to improve their acceptability to stakeholders – including in controversial and high profile areas.

    Stuart Edwards
    Policy adviser
    Department of Work and Pensions
  • alan_roberts

    Dan was an inspirational and challenging manager. I think the single-most profound impact Dan has had on me professionally is his approach to critically thinking about an issue. He is thoughtful, professional and honest and has the rare ability to teach you how to think as opposed to teaching you what to think.

    Alan Roberts
    Policy development manager
    National Union of Students
  • jan_sheldon

    I have been impressed by Dan’s understanding of government and policy development, his ability to translate policy into strategy and to support strategy implementation. Dan is also always efficient and professional – he will be an asset to any organisation.

    Dr Jan Sheldon
    Chief executive
    Royal Association for Deaf People
  • darren_townsend_handscomb

    Whilst working at NRCPD Dan had a significant impact on the relationship between it and its stakeholders. Underpinned by long-term strategic thinking, his willingness to engage honestly, and challenge assumptions and narratives where necessary, that won him respect from government departments, registrants (interpreters) and customers. Dan possesses a rare combination of excellent strategy, communication and engagement skills.

    Darren Townsend-Handscomb
    Sign language interpreter and campaigner
  • mike_locke

    Dan Sumners was a superb colleague in the team I led on public affairs, policy and communications. He was astute and thoughtful on policy issues, and imaginative and effective in communications including social media. I, and other members of the team, relied on him for his contributions, often in a leadership role, to our public campaigns and policy relationships with government.

    Mike Locke
    Director of Public Affairs
    Volunteering England
  • jim_edwards

    Dan is an excellent critical thinker with an absolute focus on delivering outcomes. He has the ability to drive forward an issue alone, and his excellent team player skills lead to effective collaborations.

    Jim Edwards
    Chief executive (retired)
  • craig_crowley

    In my 20 years in the deaf and disability sector I have seen policy advisers come and go, but I don’t recall having come across a person as level headed and pragmatic under pressure. Dan has been highly resourceful and influential in the agreement of the UK Council on Deafness' 'Statement of Common Purpose', which involved bringing together a large number of charities with differing views. That, in itself, is testament to his policy expertise and diplomatic skills.

    Craig Crowley MBE
    Chief executive
    Action Deafness