My name is Dan Sumners. I’ve been building my skills as a communication, governance, policy, public affairs and strategy professional since 2004. I’ve mainly worked in small not-for-profit organisations. See my CV for more details.

Working for small organisations with big visions has meant achieving as much as possible with as little time and money as possible. The guidance and thinking on this site is mainly the result of how I’ve learned to do that.

But it’s also due to the fact I’m fundamentally a lazy person. Although I hope the people I’ve worked with will be surprised to hear me say that (see my testimonials). Because what I mean is, I want to achieve my objectives with as little effort as possible.

Happily, I’ve discovered that you don’t have to be incessantly active to be consistently effective. In fact, activity often hides ineffectiveness. An early indicator of problems in an organisation is everyone having the time to talk about how busy they are.