Ashamed haiku

5 April 2010

On my complicity with the spirit of the age

Easter haiku

2 April 2010

On the absurdity of the spring ‘festival’

Purpose haiku

30 March 2010

On the absurd

-bjectivity haiku

30 March 2010

On the objectivity of subjectivity

Friday the 13th haiku

28 March 2010

On the tale of Mr Vorhees

Therapy haiku

27 March 2010

On honest confrontation with oneself

Spring haiku

25 March 2010

On the fragility of one’s world

Monday haiku

22 March 2010

On the futility of a ‘job’


19 July 2009

Word to the wise: If you are going to try to blow up an airport, And there’s a chance you might fuck it up – Don’t do it in Glasgow.

In my thirties

19 July 2009

Now I’m in my thirties, And although I am loathe to admit, The world and I are changing; In short – I’m going to shit. No longer will the page of a newspaper turn, Without a quick lick of the finger. And there’s a hand at my back and a groan on my lips, When […]