He is dead

3 February 2015

On how my world has changed

A haiku about the extraordinariness of mundanity

8 August 2014

So fascinatingly boring, or boringly fascinating

The point

17 September 2013

Perhaps poetry, maybe lyrics, definitely musing

We live in the age of

9 August 2013


#bbcqt haiku

9 June 2011

On the ridiculous dance that is ‘politics’


30 November 2010

Someone mentioned Aldgate on the radio the night before snow was forecast

City haiku

26 May 2010

On our ‘civilisation’ of our environment

Unfinished haiku

19 May 2010

Concerning a regretful paradox

Where is everybody? haiku

28 April 2010

On the possibility of an incursion by the undead

Sacrifice to Morpheus

26 April 2010

Verse on the dues I must pay to sleep