A haiku about the extraordinariness of mundanity

8 August 2014

Everybody is Coming from somewhere and they Are going somewhere.

There is no such thing as evil – but it’s important to behave badly

26 February 2014

Objective morality doesn’t exist, only the desires of individuals and groups, so if you want the world to be a better place you’ll have to act ‘immorally’ now and again

Repetition and ‘Not I, Footfalls, Rockaby’ by Samuel Beckett

13 February 2014

Ramblings around how to be a successful human inspired by the madness and normality of repetition

An unbegun – and therefore hardly finished – discussion about truth

22 October 2013

Not only is this post not a finished thesis (coherent proposition), but it is hardly begun (like the work of Jennyanydots). Rather, it represents my current thinking on the notion of truth, committed to file in the hopes of both identifying some structure or path, and soliciting insight from others.

Finding the philosophy… in running

19 October 2013

The philosophy of exercise, and the philosophy of one’s attitude to exercise

Finding the philosophy… in a mistake

4 October 2013

Or, turning a lie to children into a philosophical enquiry

Finding the philosophy… in a tin of tomato soup

2 October 2013

Is there a ‘taste of tomato’?

A response to Ray Comfort’s ‘Evolution vs God’

15 August 2013

Comments on the evangelist’s approach and answers to the questions he poses in the film

‘Life of Pi’ by Yann Martel

22 January 2012

Barack Obama has apparently described Life of Pi as “an elegant proof of God”. But in the opinion of this agnostic – a position vilified (inexpertly) in the novel – if it is such a proof, it is in the least interesting of ways.

I will not die

3 October 2011

My death cannot be an event in the world because my death will be the end of the world