Flash fiction

Anne and Jane: a vary tale

8 November 2013

Deep in the heart of the forest lies one woman’s truth about a well know tale


25 November 2011

The life of a man is coloured by his childhood fascination with a four legged hero

A chance encounter

16 November 2011

A writer seeks advice on an intractable problem


13 November 2011

A little sceptical flash fiction

An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman…

7 November 2011

A pub walked into

He who nose

31 October 2011

Short but necessary

Fragments of consciousness: some new, some old; in order (chronological).

30 October 2011

Stuff and things from my head


31 July 2011

A sperm, an egg, me

A right royal coup

21 December 2010

An imagined history in which Harry Windsor ‘takes the power back’

The day they cut it out

4 December 2009

Short and not very sweet