It is by calling acts of violence ‘terrorism’ that we are terrorised

15 June 2016

Human communication can help us to better understand ourselves, each other and the nature of the world we live in. Unfortunately, it can also do the opposite.

A response to Ray Comfort’s ‘Evolution vs God’

15 August 2013

Comments on the evangelist’s approach and answers to the questions he poses in the film

If we ignore the human in the ‘troll’, they will always exist

2 August 2013

The only way to rid ourselves of online abusers is to understand why they do what they do

The voluntary sector needs a clear vision for the future of our society

6 January 2012

Governments rarely have a long-term plan, which is why the voluntary sector needs a clear strategy

The voluntary sector, public services and the myth of choice

9 December 2011

When it comes to education, health and housing, do we really want our fate decided by the market?

More ‘rights’ than ever – but it’s wrong to take them at face value

11 October 2011

Politicians are championing citizen rights but their outstretched hands may not appear as heavily laden as they once did

The ‘community right to challenge’ will open the door to private profit

17 March 2011

The Localism Bill will introduce a mechanism for the privatisation of local public services under the guise of handing power to communities

The naivete of Nat Wei

4 February 2011

Nat Wei’s response to the reaction to him reducing his volunteering belies his lack of appreciation of the community we already have

‘Big society’ equals small state

5 January 2011

Platitudinous statements about people shaping their own lives thinly veil an ideological programme to remove the institutions that protect and ensure freedom

A couple of letters to government ministers

16 December 2010

In an effort to determine why they say what they do