I want to share the most important thing I’ve learnt about working with other people to achieve my objectives:

If you want to be effective, you must learn to be reasonable.

My approach is based on 13 years of working with colleagues, partners in other organisations, civil servants and politicians. I use that experience to provide consultancy, webinars and workshops.

What does it mean to be reasonable?

The short answer can be found in the principles of my approach and my introductory webinar. If you want to know more, try my instant access webinars or attend a scheduled workshop.

I can apply my approach to your circumstances with in a bespoke webinar or bespoke workshop. And if you like my approach and need something doing, talk to me about consultancy.

What does a monkey have to do with it?

The name was inspired by the phrase, ‘softly, softly catchee monkey’. It means, if you want to catch a monkey, you should proceed gently.

The monkey is your objective, your goal, your aim. The monkey is the change you want to see in the world.